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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose DigiByte?
You may be familiar with coins like Bitcoin or Litecoin. These coins are excellent stores of value, but are not adequate for certain types of transactions where speed and very low fees are necessary.


  • DigiByte has an established history and was created in 2014.
  • It is one of the most decentralized and secure blockchains with 200k+ active nodes.
  • Because DigiByte blocktimes are only 15 seconds it has the longest blockchain and has successfully dealt with issues of scale.
  • What makes DigiByte special for retailers is its incredible transaction speed (15 Seconds) and very low fees (< $0.0001).
  • DigiByte is exceptional for small transactions where high fees from credit cards or other coins would eat at profits.
What versions of DigiCafé are available?
How does DigiCafé process transactions?

DigiCafe uses a pass-through method, where the transaction is processed immediately to your own external crypto address. This is why a 3rd party crypto wallet is required.

We listen to the blockchain for transactions that occur on your address. We then verify the amount paid and capture the transaction id. Once verified, you can send your customers an email receipt.

Where can I get a reputable crypto wallet?

There are many options available. Checkout DigiByte Wallets to find a solution for you.

Other trusted wallets:
Coinomi Wallet
Atomic Wallet

How do I get the wallet address into the settings?

You will need to copy the receiving address from your wallet, then navigate to the settings in DigiCafe and paste the address into the appropriate prompt box, click save.

How does the app handle customer receipts?
DigiCafe is set up to deliver an itemized receipt by email. You will need to set up your device’s email client in order to send a receipt.
Can I request features or improvements?
Yes, please click the button below to send an email with your requests. Thank you.

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