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DigiCafe Is a Win-Win

Your business can easily accept in-person digital asset payments using the devices you already have. With no costly hardware and no monthly fees, DigiCafe is a win for you and your customers.

Frictionless Payments

DigiCafe works with your customer’s DigiByte wallet to offer quick and secure payments. After downloading DigiCafe and a DigiByte wallet, you can begin accepting blockchain verified payments in minutes.


Accept Digital Payments Today!

Benefit from low transaction fees, speed and security.

Why DigiCafe?

Mobile First

Easily accept digital asset payments using the mobile devices you already own. Our native mobile versions work on both IOS and Android devices.

Simple Pass-Through Design

DigiCafe simply passes the transaction to external  wallet addresses of your choosing. This greatly reduces security vulnerabilities as no funds are stored in the POS.

Low to No Transaction Fees

As a merchant, you only pay fees when you choose to auto sell your digital assets for USD. The fees are taken by Bittrex, our integrated exchange for liquidation.

  • DigiByte 100% 100%
  • Litecoin 65% 65%
  • Bitcoin 45% 45%

How DigiByte Compares 😎

DigiByte’s low fee structure makes it fantastic for small transactions. DigiByte is also 40x faster than Bitcoin. Over the last 4 years it has become the worlds fastest, longest and most decentralized blockchain.

  • Block time: 15s
  • Fees <0.0005 DGB
  • TPS 560+

It's Time For DigiCafe