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Tutorial Walkthrough

Learn the DigiCafe transaction process.

The DigiCafé Transaction Process

Explore the images to better understand the DigiCafé transaction flow.

Welcome Screen

Click “Visit Settings” to enter your business name and DigiByte address. You can also choose your local currency in the settings.

Items Screen

Click “Add Item” to begin totaling an itemized transaction. As you add items they will be displayed here. Delete items by sliding left.

Add Item Screen

Enter an item’s price and description. You can also simply add a total here instead of an itemized transaction. Click “Add Item”.

Items Total Screen

New items will add to the total. You can slide items left to delete or remove them from the list. The total will adjust accordingly. Click “Total Order” to proceed.

DigiByte Due Screen

Your total will be converted to DigiByte at the current market rate. The customer scans the QR code and their DigiByte wallet requests the amount of DGB due.


Once the customer scans the QR code and sends payment, the retailer clicks “Check Confirmations”. DigiCafe then begins transaction verification.

If Not Ready

On occasion the transaction may not be ready immediately. You will receive a prompt asking you to retry. Click “Retry” to check verifications again. The system will reachout and request verification. This can be repeated indefinitely.

If Ready

When the transaction is successful you will receive a prompt confirming your success. You may then enter the customer’s email address if they would like a receipt. Click “Receipt” to open your email client.

Customer Email

Your email client must be setup to send customer receipts. The receipt will contain your business name and itemized transaction details.

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